Trophies and the business of building the entitlement generation.


Trophies.  Everyone gets them now, win or lose.  Play badly, trophy, play great, same trophy.  What is this teaching our children?  What kind of example does this set?

I realize that we want our children to avoid disappointments, and hurts.  Are you really equipping your child to go out in the real world when you teach them that everyone wins, and no one loses?  Are you teaching them to really compete?  What kind of motivation do children have if they think that everyone gets the same reward?

It is the spirit of competition that drives our markets.  It is the spirit of innovation, and the ability to overcome challenges that drives this country.  When you ill equip your children to deal with real world competition, you are in essence, creating a handicap for them.

We are creating a nation of children that feel entitled to the trophy, entitled to the job, to the paycheck, to school, to a car, etc.  We are teaching our children that win or lose, you reap the same benefits.  If you try hard, the guy below you gets the same prize, so why try hard.  It breeds mediocrity, and along with apathy, is destroying this nation.  Do we really want a lazy nation of children that feel entitled to everything, and thinks everything should be handed to them without working for it?

I say let them fail.  Let your children fall.  Let them get some emotional road rash, and toughen up a bit.  It's time to tell your kids to suck it up princess, and move on.  Let's build a bigger, better future by letting our children have the best tools at their disposal, and this means being able to cope with loss, and to recover from rejection and failure and move forward.  Start being parents, and stop trying to win your kid over and play best friends with them, and start teaching them correct, and righteous principles.

We are an exceptional nation, and we, as Americans need to start pulling our weight, and stop relying on the government, and progressive, feel good psychiatrists to tell us how to be parents.  So, turn off Oprah, turn off Dr. Phil, and go be a danged parent already!


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