Constitution, and raising a generation of idiots.


How come they no longer require the Gettysburg Address, Pledge of Allegiance, Preamble, Declaration of Independence to be read or studied in our public schools any more?  The only agenda I can see at this point is to keep our kids from knowing what rights they are slowly being stripped of, and to let the Media be the teacher.

How can you be informed on how to vote?  On what candidates to support?  On what issues to support?  If you forget the founding document, anyone can cloak immorality, and socialism in whatever form they want, and our kids won't know any better..

This scares the Hell out of me.  A generation of Constitutionally challenged kids, for the purposes of this opinion piece, they are idiots as far as their personal Liberty is concerned.  This article will tie into my previous post, I promise.

Our children are taught to question their parents.  Actually challenging their parents to vote for an agenda the Socialist are putting out.  Vote to save the whales, mom and day, don't hurt the tortoise mom and dad.  Please, oh please, don't drill any oil, you might hurt a tiny, tiny bird no one ever heard of.  This is a leftist and Socialist agenda, and it must be opposed.

How do we do that?  How do we defy the public schools, and their "curriculum"?  We start being parents again, and stop letting the government tell us how to raise our kids, and what to teach our kids.  We are the parents, and WE THE PEOPLE know what's best for our children.  It's time we start leading by example.

You want your kid to have a brain, independent thought, and have an idea what the Constitution is, and what it means?  Sit down and read it to him.  I think a copy of the Constitution should be up hanging right next a picture of Jesus, or some other religious icon, as I believe it to be divinely inspired.

We are at at tipping point.  If we fail to act now, if we fail to educate our children, we will face a nation that is no longer sustainable, and we will face a nation that has a King.  The cold, hard, scary facts is we have tough times ahead, and it's going to hurt, and hurt bad.  We must, and I stress MUST turn the car around, we must not drive off that cliff, and we must participate, and lend our voice to the national stage, and raise it up as a unified voice and say, not this day, not any day.  WE THE PEOPLE do hereby proclaim that you are not our Master's, oh fallen king, we throw off the shackles of Forced Charity, and reclaim the heart and soul of this beloved Nation of God.  We reclaim our Freedom.


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