Chris Herrod, Utah's George Washington.


**Disclaimer** I support Chris Herrod for Senate, so he is the only candidate I will be mentioning.

First, let me state why I think that Orrin Hatch should be removed from office.  The Founding Fathers never intended for career politicians.  They intended farmers to go serve their country for a term or two, and then go home and live under the laws that they had passed.  I believe that they believed that longevity in Congress bred corruption, and dishonesty, and they were wise enough to know it without having to pass a law defining it.

Hatch in 1976, ran on the slogan "What do you call a Senator that has served 18 years? You call him home."  He used this in reference to his Democratic opponent, Frank Moss.  His campaign was built around term limits, and now Hatch has chosen to ignore the foundation his original campaign was run on.

Hatch has many good votes in the Senate, and he has done good, I don't begrudge him that.  I do, however, begrudge him the unconstitutional, Freedom restricting, Liberty stripping bills that he has voted for.  He brags about writing the Patriot Act (Stripped Liberty and Freedom in the guise of security), NDAA (See Patriot Act), SCHIP (Socialist Forced Charity), Medicare Part D (There is nothing in the Constitution permitting this),  he voted for the TARP bailouts and the Auto bailouts putting the American taxpayer on the  hook for billions of dollars.  Hatch voted to raise the debt ceiling 16 times for a total of 7.5 trillion dollars.  (Yes, that's trillion with a big capital T).  His last offense against the Constitution and Free speech was his co-sponsorship of the Freedom of Speech killing bill PIPA.  It was only when faced with negative PR that he revoked his support of this bill.  This is not leadership, this is Washington as usual politics.  It is the go along to get along attitude that we MUST end.  We must stop supporting Congressman and Senators that ignore the Constitution and Bill of Rights to push their own agenda.  I call on the people of Utah to say, this is the line, we go no further.

Now, let me tell you why I support Chris Herrod.  I believe Chris Herrod to be the George Washington of our time.  A strong principled Conservative that isn't afraid to fight the good fight, even when it isn't the popular fight.  I have never known Chris to put his principles aside simply so a bill could pass, or to garner favor with his colleagues.  He has always taken up the banner of Freedom, and marched proudly thru the Capitol.

Chris Herrod is a founding member of the Patrick Henry Caucus.  A group created to defend Utah from Federal encroachment on State's Rights.  This same organization is single-handedly responsible for the court precedent to challenge Obamacare.   He has lead the fight in Utah to regain our lands from the Federal government.  He has helped create laws that will permit Utah to sue the Federal government to reclaim what was stolen from us.  He has also been instrumental in shaping immigration law in Utah, and fighting for Utah against the illegal alien tide.  He has faced personal challenges in standing up for Utah, up to and including threats against him and his family, and yet, he has stayed true to the Conservative principles he lives his life by.

He is also a very humble man, not a man to brag about himself.  His friends and family often have to toot his horn for him.  He isn't consumed with the search for power.  I think this is an admiral quality in a Senator, and a Leader.  We must have men that are willing to stand on principle without standing to gain the glory.

Lastly, I want to speak of integrity and character.  Chris Herrod put himself at a very large financial disadvantage by refusing to resign his seat in the legislator.  While in session, he was legally forbidden from collecting campaign funds and donations.  Chris opted for the Heroes road, and the road leading to integrity and honor, and chose to continue to serve the constituents of Utah, even at peril of his candidacy.  He took an oath, and he meant it.  He didn't find a reason to quit.  He gave his word, and kept it.

That is why I support Chris Herrod for United States Senate.

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