Political Correctness


Political Correctness is destroying this country.  It's turned everyone into people who don't mean what they say.  We've become a nation of liars, and are afraid to say what we really mean.  Whatever happened to saying suck it up princess? Or sticks and stones will break your bones?  Are you kidding me?  Have we really become so wussified that we can't take someone saying retard, without the entire disabled community raining down on you?   I grew up and I could say Fag, Gimp, Retard without repercussions.  Who are we really protecting?  Are you protecting these wonderful people?  Or are we protecting ourselves?  It's time we stop hanging on to the concept that we have to make everyone happy all the time.  It's simply going to create a nation of whiners.  Raising our families inside a bubble isn't healthy, and it certainly isn't American.

We need to defend and stand for Freedom of Speech, even when we find the speech offensive.  We have the option to stand up and leave if you don't like it, but to hold some company hostage because someone said something offensive?  Please, grow up, get over it, and quit crying.  It's time to pick up your toys and move on already.  I'm tired of trying to be PC all the time, and I'm done with it.  If you don't like what I say, you can kiss my butt, and walk away.  I'm not speaking to make you happy, I'm speaking to convey a message.


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