State Delegate, and the act of confronting my fears.


To begin with, I have always had a fear of speaking in public, moreso, I have a fear of being in public.  I have been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder.  I literally get sick to my stomach, and have passed out on occasion. This has been something that has plagued me for as long as I can remember.  It made making friends very difficult, and I'm sure it's added to my social awkwardness.

Last night, for the first time ever, I decided I had enough of the way the country is running, and stepped outside my comfort zone.  I ran for state delegate, and won last night.  I spoke from the heart, having memorized my talking points.  I had 60 seconds, and only took 57.  I knew a total of 4 people at the meeting, and there were 55 people there.  I garnered 46 votes  out of the 55.

I truly believe that if we are to save this nation we must all step outside our comfort zones, and stand up for what we believe.  We must go door to door, neighbor to neighbor, and not only bring a message of Liberty and Freedom, but also a message of hope.  We need to get our community active, and get them involved in the process to choose and elect our leaders.  Even if you don't agree with their personal politics.

We are quietly, and quickly losing our voice in Congress.  It's time to speak up, and speak out.  We must take a stand.  I challenge each and every person to talk to a neighbor, a stranger, friend, or family.  Spread a message of Freedom daily.  I'll repeat this over and over, but walk up and recite the Pledge to someone, walk down a hallway and sing the Star Spangled Banner.  Let  us renew our Pride in this Nation, and do not let it fall into decline.

We abdicated our voice, reclaim it, and require that your leaders answer to the People, which is what the Caucus is all about, choose our leaders, and choosing just and righteous men to be our voice.  Make sure when you make that choice, that you are educated, informed, and know what the candidate really stands for.

Sort of random, and jumbled post, but I've written it thru out the day.  If you get something out of it great, if not, find  rock, and use it like a computer mouse, double click the rock on your hand.  If you still don't like what I posted, rinse and repeat.


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