Evil, Dark Politics, or my trip to state convention


I woke up at 5:30am to begin my drive to Sandy, as there were several campaigns I was helping out, and I wanted to be there early.  The trip, itself, was uneventful. I got there at 7:30am, and that's where my day really began.

Chris Stewart's booth was already up and assembled, so I started handing out fliers.  Then, I helped throw some signs together and put them on a stake.  I think we had the largest signs being walked around the Convention hall, it was awesome.

Blah blah blah, moving on.  There were speeches, and there were votes.  Electronic voting went much faster, and next time it'll really speed along after they fix the bugs.

To preface the following portion of the blog, these are events as I perceived them, and with information I had first hand (which I'll point out).

Months before Convention Cherilyn Eagar yelled at me, not just quietly talked to me, but actually yelled at me because I was voting for, and supporting Chris Stewart.  She yelled that Chris was a government sellout, and that Chris would serve his own interests, and what did an Author know about being a leader.

Congressional District 2 was asked to move into a side hall, where we could hear the CD2 speeches without disrupting everyone else.  Chris Stewart had a large following which was indicated by the sea of green shirts present.  Many people were giving speeches, Chris Stewart,  Cherilyn Eagar, Howard Wallack, Chuck Williams, and Milt Hanks.

It's the last man I want to talk about, and want to ensure that people know how honorable this man really is.  Milt Hanks began the speech with a short introduction.  He then informed the hall that Eagar, Wallack, Williams, and Clark were conspiring to bring Chris Stewart down.  They had been conspiring to release some revelation that would bring Chris to his knees.  They tried to tie Chris Stewart to a mailer that was sent out by the Bennett campaign back in the day.  There was no truth to this, and it was negative campaigning at it's worst. Milt then denounced them as dirty politicians, and even referenced a hog trough.

I salute this man for taking the brave step to stand up against Evil things, and to stand for those principles that our founding fathers, and that our God teaches us.  I'm sure that what he did was very hard to do, as it is always hard to stand up against the school bully.

Before the vote, many of us in the campaign had been told about the ABC Club (Anyone But Chris Stewart)
I also want to give a shout out to Jason Buck, whom I didn't support, but who also took a stand and turned down the ABC Club in it's attempts to attack Chris Stewart professionally, politically, and personally.  Kudos to you Mr. Buck.

The next section is where the Evil portions happen, I also want to make a statement that innocent people don't quit when accused of something, and they don't turn their back on their supporters because they were accused of something.  GUILTY people do these things.

We cast our votes (paper ballots because we had so many running in the 2nd district)  The results came back, and Chris was in the lead, with so many running, he only garnered 35 percent (I believe around there) The first vote, I believe this signaled the fear in the ABC Club, and they felt they had to act.  Cherilyn Eagar gets up to talk first, she rambles on about principles, and then resigns much to the dismay of her supporters.  There was outrage that Cherilyn would just up and quit without explanation.  Then comes Chuck Williams, who dishonors himself by calling Chris Stewart "a bald faced liar".  His mic was muted at that point, and the last he was permitted to do was resign in shame.  Howard Wallack, quick to the punch, just up and resigned, no reason given.  David Clark gave his speech stating that he didn't know what was going on, but Eagar, Williams, and Wallack standing behind him gives me serious doubt as they immediately endorsed him.

Chris Stewart got up to speak, and refuted the lies being spread about him.  He looked the delegation in the eyes, and proudly, and honorably exclaimed that he was not guilty of the things that were being said about him.  These are the actions of an innocent man, not one who is troubled by guilt.

Things move on, Chris Stewart wins the GOP 2nd CD nomination.  Everyone is screaming and crying, myself included.  We are so excited that an honorable, decent man like Chris Stewart was entrusted to lead our district, and be a representative of Utah.

A circle forms around Chris, news interviews, pictures, and supporters.  Chris gave me a hug, and told me that I was there from the start.  I won't lie, I cried.

The End of the dirty nasty politics section, now my thought for the day.

We are not the party of dirty politics.  We are not the party of lies and deceit.  We are not the party of mud slinging.  These are things our opponents use, and do.  Since when has the Republican party been about cannibalizing fellow Republicans and trying to destroy good men?  I think everyone involved in the attacks on Chris Stewart should be ashamed.  I think that they owe the people of Utah, and Chris Stewart a personal apology.  I think that these people should never run for office again. I am so hurt, and angry that they sacrificed principle just to keep this American, US loving, 14 year veteran, best selling author from winning the election.  I am disappointed in Cherilyn Eagar, Howard Wallack, and Chuck Williams for their actions in these matters.  I am truly disgusted at the depths to which politicians will go to win and smear their opponents.

I hope that we learn from this, and become better people for it.  I hope we learn that negative campaigning may win you a vote or two, but at the end of the day, if it costs you your soul, was it really worth it?  We need to unite behind our candidates now, whether we agree with them or not.  It's time to come together, and stop eating our own.  It's time to stop being jerks, and assholes to our neighbors and friends, brothers and sisters.  Where is the America the way it was the day after 9/11?  Where is the American helping American philosophy?  Where is the I am my brother's keep mentality?  Why have we so quickly forgotten these things?

Chris Stewart is a personal hero of mine.  He weathered the assault on his character, honor, and integrity like a real statesman.  He swam through a river of crap, and came out clean on the other side.  He is one of the most noble, honest, honorable men I have ever known, and I believe that he will be the same kind of reluctant leader that George Washington was.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Do not allow evil to triumph.

That's it folks, Take it for what it's worth.

Other items of note, Mia Love is our 4th Congressional Nominee, and for the first time in 36 years, Orrin Hatch will face a primary against Dan Liljenquist. (I favor Dan, as I believe that new blood needs to be infused into our senate)

I also want to express my personal opinion that I believe that Carl Downing, the campaign manager for Howard Wallack had absolutely nothing to do with any of these shenanigans.


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