A New Standard, or redefining America


Webster's defines a Standard Bearer as one that leads an organization, movement, or party.

George Washington was a Standard Bearer. He was a light on a hill, the courage of his army, and the soul of a nation.

James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and numerous other founding fathers carried the banner, the standard, even when many of them were guaranteed nothing more than a death sentence.

Each and every founding father believed, at the heart of everything, there were God given rights that no government could ever take from you.  They believed that the Government existed to PROTECT those rights, nothing more than that.

Our government believes that they know what is best for us, and that they know better than God what we need.

We are currently faced with a Communist regime that is stripping those God given rights from WE THE PEOPLE.  It is time that WE THE PEOPLE stand up, united, and say in one voice, that WE THE PEOPLE are in charge, that WE are the boss, WE are the employer, and that WE, the represented people of the United States do hereby reclaim our birthright, our God given rights, and that we, even upon penalty of Death will continue to stand.  It is better to die on your feet than live your life on your knees.

I believe it goes beyond organization, movement, or party.  I believe that we are at a tipping point, and that if we do not vote for those who uphold founding principles, that we will be a nation gone under.

We have great men representing us, Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz, and we have new heroes that have entered the battle.  Chris Stewart, Mia Love, we have many great soldiers, and fellow patriots that have chose this difficult time to step into the morass and corruption that is the politics of Washington right now.

These are brave men and women, and they deserve all of our support.  They have chosen the most dangerous of times to become standard bearers.  To be messengers from our founding fathers, to be a reminder of what we have lost, and where this country must be heading.

If you value your freedom, your liberty, your family, and your God given rights, then you too, will support these patriots.

It is with the humblest of hearts, and with a contrite spirit that I plead with my fellow Americans to uphold and support these standard bearers, these patriots.  Share their message of liberty with your neighbor, family, friends, do what you must, reach out, speak out, be the voice in the darkness, and we can once again be the promised nation under God.

I personally pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor to restore this nation.


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